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US Alleges Apple’s Monopoly in Smartphone Market

The US has initiated a groundbreaking lawsuit against Apple, accusing the tech behemoth of monopolizing the smartphone market and stifling competition.

The lawsuit, filed in a federal court in New Jersey by the Justice Department, alleges that Apple employed its control over the iPhone to unlawfully restrict competitors and consumer choices. It contends that Apple’s actions hindered the growth of new apps and undermined rival products.

Apple has vehemently refuted these allegations and has pledged to vigorously contest the lawsuit. The company denies engaging in any anti-competitive behavior and insists that it promotes innovation and competition in the market.

Attorney General Merrick Garland asserted that Apple’s practices hindered the development of apps, products, and services that could reduce reliance on the iPhone and lower costs for consumers and developers. Garland warned that unless Apple faces legal challenges, it will further solidify its dominance in the smartphone industry.

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Fred Sainz, a spokesperson for Apple, dismissed the lawsuit as unfounded and stated that the company would vigorously defend itself. Sainz argued that the lawsuit jeopardizes Apple’s ability to deliver innovative technology and maintain its competitive edge in the market.

This lawsuit marks the third time Apple has faced legal action from the Justice Department since 2009 and represents the first antitrust challenge against the company under President Joe Biden’s administration.

Apple has faced increasing scrutiny over its iOS ecosystem and business practices. In a separate incident, the European Union fined Apple €1.8 billion for violating competition laws in the music streaming industry. The European Commission accused Apple of restricting streaming services from informing users about payment options outside the Apple app store. Apple has announced its intention to appeal the decision.

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