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France Supports UN Call for Probe into Israeli Shooting of Palestinians

France Supports UN Call for Probe into Israeli Shooting of Palestinians

In a significant move, France’s Foreign Minister, Stephane Sejourne, announced on Friday that Paris would endorse the United Nations’ appeal for an independent investigation into the recent Israeli shooting of Palestinians waiting for aid. Sejourne condemned the situation as “indefensible and unjustifiable,” stressing the urgent need for Israel to cease such actions. He emphasized that the humanitarian crisis in the region has reached catastrophic levels, demanding immediate attention and accountability.

UN Chief Calls for Independent Probe into Gaza Shooting

United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, expressed shock and dismay at the killing of over 100 civilians seeking humanitarian assistance in Gaza. Addressing the situation during a visit to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Guterres underscored the necessity of an effective independent investigation into the incident. He lamented the failure of recent efforts to secure a ceasefire, citing geopolitical divides that have hindered the Security Council’s ability to take decisive action.

Macron Condemns Israeli Shooting of Palestinians, Demands Justice

French President Emmanuel Macron joined the chorus of international condemnation over the shooting of more than 100 Palestinians in Gaza. Expressing deep indignation, Macron demanded truth and justice regarding the role of Israeli soldiers in the incident. He called for respect for international law and reiterated France’s commitment to ensuring accountability for such egregious acts of violence.

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In a statement posted on social media, Macron expressed his profound dismay at the images emerging from Gaza, where civilians were targeted by Israeli forces. He emphasized the need for an impartial investigation to uncover the circumstances surrounding the shootings and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

The French President’s remarks underscored the growing international concern over the escalating violence and humanitarian crisis in the region. Macron urged all parties involved to prioritize the well-being of civilians and work towards a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

France’s stance aligns with calls from the United Nations for an independent probe into the Gaza shootings, highlighting the widespread consensus on the need for transparency and accountability in addressing the crisis. As tensions continue to escalate, Macron’s demand for justice serves as a reminder of the international community’s responsibility to uphold human rights and prevent further loss of innocent lives.

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