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China working on 6G connectivity?

Who is working on 6G connectivity?

As many of you know that consumers cannot purchase 5G mobile phones at the moment but China in an epic turn of events is already thinking way ahead in the Future. A future of 6G connectivity. Su Xin who is the head of 5G technology at the China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, says that China has already begun research in to creating a concept which would best suit the needs of the later 6G technology. The country reportedly started researching in the concept for 6G in March, making China one of the first countries to do so. Su furthermore stated that the research and development of this concept will begin in 2020 and the technology won’t be launched until 2030.

Moreover people are currently waiting for the launch of the latest Technology of wireless Internet access. This 5G technology is set to provide faster and more efficient speeds then the 4G networks. Moreover 5G is predicted to start operations as soon as 2019 in some countries and will globally be launched in 2020. So what is 6G suppose to bring, what is different in comparison between 5G and 6G?

Well for a start 6G may well bring speeds of over 1TB per second in mainstream data download. Moreover this means you can download about 100 films in less the second! But of course 2030 is still a long way down the road so the actual application or use of this new technology will be seen as we go in to the future but right now it is very hard to even imagine what 6G will be about! . Moreover Su in this regard says that 6G connectivity may well connect our devices to the 5G networks with more efficiency than that of 5G which will in turn help in expanding the internet coverage to a much wider scope.

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Currently 5G has 3 notable applications. One is that it has a larger bandwidth, it has low latency and finally has a wider connection. 6G may well provide better efficiency in all of the three cases mentioned. Su states that the 6G could very well increase the transmission rates by more than 10 times and this may revolutionize the structure of the whole wired and wireless network. Furthermore according to technology insiders, they think it is still a little to early to have any discussions on the possible outcome of 6G. It took 5G about ten years to develop and now become a reality and despite the commercial launch announcement it is still not fully settled.

Moreover RebertoSarracowho is a professor at the University of Trento, Italy believes that 5G is still in the final stages of development and that any such prospect of 6G will require marketing of 6G as soon as the 5G is deployed. Moreover the new term called the 6G is still a relatively vague term but it has still not stopped many countries from looking in to the new prospect. The Finland’s University of Oulu has reportedly launched a 6G research program namely 6Genesis. So yes you may expect development in to the 6th generation of wireless connectivity in the near future but for now the latest we have is the 5G.

Finally the new 6G movement can also be seen to be a way in which China can shoe the power and innovation of their technology and of course their strong stance on technology at the moment. The country can already be seen way ahead of rival countries in terms of deploying the 5G and as per the stat report from Deloitte, since 2015 China has outspent the US by approximately $24 billion in the area of wireless communications infrastructure with an expected investment of $400 billion in coming. Furthermore China have also located for them 350,000 new cell tower sites while the USA currently have only 30,000 such sites.

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