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This Australian tech firm is setting up its operations in Pakistan to boost sports

This Australian tech firm is setting up its operations in Pakistan to boost sports

This Australian tech firm is setting up its operations in Pakistan to boost sports. We are living in an age where technology has transformed every field of life from food to apparel and education to sports. Everyone knows that PSL is coming soon so for now, we will only talk about sports revolution through tech.

In the category of sports, there are vast applications of tech including the likes of sports officiating technology‎, different software‎, sports academies‎ and sports’ broadcast on television.

Now, in order to add more value, an Australian athlete tracking technology firm named as “Catapult Sports” has announced that it’s going to establish its operations in Pakistan to offer modern technology tools in a variety of sports, especially cricket. ‎

In Asian countries, cricket has got its great position as various modern technological tools are being developed to expand the sports by covering special formats and yearly leagues.

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According to Express Tribune, the tech firm Catapult Sports has just developed some specific metrics for cricket in recent years to provide national and domestic teams all over the world .It has already been offering its services in other sports fields like soccer and hockey.

Director Marketing of Catapult Sports Boden Westover, said in an interview,

“Cricket is one of our fastest growing sports … so Pakistan is a logical market for us to get involved in. We are not making any assumptions about similarities between Pakistan and India, but we are excited about the opportunity to present our technologies to the most innovative teams in Pakistan.”

The Catapult was founded back in 2006 and currently is developing best athlete wearable tracking solutions. The objective of the company is to facilitate Pakistani teams get more out of their elite athletes.

One of the famous products of Catapult is its wearable device that is worn on an athlete’s backside to gauge all movements over 1,000 times a second.

Moreover, Catapult is also aiming to arrange its first workshop in Pakistan in coming months. The objective of workshop will be focused on teaching the use of technology by several of the best teams around the globe.

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