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Authorities Seize Drugs Valued at Rs. 18.5 Billion in a Riveting Arabian Sea Operation

Authorities Seize Drugs Valued at Rs. 18.5 Billion in a Riveting Arabian Sea Operation

In a commendable joint operation, the Pakistan Navy and Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) recently achieved remarkable success in the seizure of a significant quantity of narcotics. This operation, carried out in the North Arabian Sea, resulted in the confiscation of approximately 4,020 kilograms of Hashish. The estimated value of the seized narcotics in the international market stands at a staggering $65.148 million (Rs. 18.5 billion), highlighting the gravity of the operation’s impact.

Commitment to Combating Illegal Activities at Sea

The successful counter-narcotics operation conducted by the Pakistan Navy and ANF serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to combatting illegal activities both at sea and along the coast. This collaborative effort further reinforces the nation’s determination to curb the menace of drug trafficking.

Thwarting a Massive Narcotics Smuggling Attempt

March witnessed another impressive display of the Pakistan Navy’s vigilance as they foiled an attempt to smuggle narcotics worth nearly Rs4 billion in the Arabian Sea. A Pakistan Navy ship took decisive action during the operation, apprehending the smugglers and seizing a substantial quantity of crystal meth weighing 280 kilograms. The market value of the recovered drugs alone amounted to nearly Rs4 billion, emphasizing the significant blow dealt to the illicit drug trade.

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Enhancing Maritime Security and Safeguarding National Interests

The concerted efforts of the Pakistan Navy and ANF in combating drug trafficking reflect their utmost dedication to ensuring maritime security and safeguarding national interests. By effectively intercepting these narcotics shipments, they disrupt the operations of criminal networks involved in this illicit trade, thereby safeguarding the well-being of the nation and its citizens.

Maintaining International Collaborations

Such successful joint operations are a result of Pakistan’s commitment to maintaining collaborations with international partners in the fight against drug trafficking. The Pakistan Navy and ANF actively engage with regional and global stakeholders, sharing intelligence and expertise to curb the flow of illegal narcotics. This strategic cooperation plays a pivotal role in curbing the menace of drugs and maintaining the integrity of international waters.


The recent joint operation conducted by the Pakistan Navy and ANF, leading to the seizure of a substantial quantity of narcotics, demonstrates their unparalleled proficiency in combating drug trafficking. Their unwavering commitment to maritime security, in collaboration with international partners, enables them to disrupt the operations of criminal networks and protect national interests. Through such relentless efforts, Pakistan continues to send a clear message that it will not tolerate illegal activities at sea, safeguarding the well-being of its people and striving for a drug-free future.

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