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Bangladesh to Likely Side With Pak-china

Bangladesh to Likely Side With Pak-china

A conspicuous paper of Bangladesh has said Prime Minister Sheik Hasina didn’t meet India’s high official in spite of rehashed demands for a gathering over the most recent four months, one of a few indications of stressed relations with New Delhi and a move for nearer attaches with Pak-China. 

The Hindu on Saturday cited Bhorer Kagoj, a conspicuous day by day, as revealing that every single Indian undertaking have eased back down since the re-appointment of Prime Minister Hasina in 2019 with Chinese foundation ventures accepting more help from Dhaka. 

“In spite of India’s anxiety, Bangla­desh has given the agreement of building an air terminal in Sylhet to a Chi­nese organization. Indian High Commi­ssioner Riva Ganguly Das went after for four months to get a meeting with the head administrator of Bangladesh yet didn’t get it. Bangladesh has not sent a note of gratefulness to India in light of Indian help for the Covid-19 pandemic,” said the paper’s editorial manager Shyamal Dutta in an article. 

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The Hindu said it indicated an ongoing tilt of Dhaka(Bangladesh) towards Pak-China. A comparable move was recorded in Iran as of late, which has chosen to proceed without India in a Chabahar Port railroad venture that the two nations had consented to attempt together. 

The Bhorer Kagoj report additionally follows a generally noted abnormal call by Prime Minister Imran Khan to his Bangla­deshi partner on Wednesday. 

The Bangla paper said the Beijing Urban Construction Group (BUCG) has gotten the agreement for building another terminal in MAG Osmania Airport of Sylhet that outskirts India’s northeastern district and is, consequently, thought to be a touchy zone for New Delhi. 

A conciliatory source from the Bangladesh High Commission here affirmed to The Hindu that the Indian emissary had looked for a meeting with Ms Hasina yet it didn’t emerge. In any case, nor India’s High Commission in Dhaka nor the Ministry of External Affairs reacted to inquiries from the paper.

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