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Dignosco Announces 589 Admissions and PKR170 Crores in Scholarships

Dignosco Announces 589 Admissions and PKR170 Crores in Scholarships

Dignosco Announces 589 Admissions and PKR170 Crores in Scholarships for Pakistani students

The team at Dignosco is proud to announce that their class of over 100 students from across Pakistan has secured 570 admissions at leading institutions across the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Middle East, & Asia Pacific for undergraduate, graduate and MBA programs commencing from Fall 2016. The 368 admissions in the USA include 11 Ivy League, 49 the University of California and 27 top liberal arts college acceptances. While a total of 166 offers from the UK include 61 offers for Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, UCL and King’s College. Dignosco students hold more than 50% of the Ivy League and Oxbridge offers made to Pakistani students this year.

Dignosco’s 2016 student pool was its most diverse yet with students applying to a range of majors from STEM programs to English Literature, Astrophysics, Environmental Studies and Gender Studies programs. The applicant pool represents students from some of the most prestigious institutions of Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and other cities.

The 2016 Dignosco class also marked the highest number of need-blind applicants so far who managed to secure approximately PKR 170 Crores in scholarships raising Dignosco’s cumulative financial aid secured number to PKR 288 Crores. The average financial aid award was approximately PKR 2.8 Crores in 2016 and the overall utilization rate of the financial aid secured is approximately 38%. This is representative of the funds available to Pakistani students who wish to study abroad. The need-blind policy at Dignosco facilitates the admissions process for the top applicants from Pakistan, who often do not have the means to fully fund their college education.

Speaking about the application process student Zulfiqar Mannan of Aitchison College, who will be attending Yale University this fall, says, “The college admission process is a complicated, confusing part of the senior year that can be confidence-shattering. I’m glad I had someone to guide me on how to weave my own way through it.”

Shariq Jumani of Karachi Grammar School, who is choosing between Brown University, UPenn and Columbia University, says, “Dignosco streamlined the process for me by offering me constant help from experienced guidance counselors, while also allowing my individuality and personal flair to shine through in my essays for each individual college.”

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