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Dots & Co. combines visuals and soundtrack!

Joining dots, making squares, Combining colors, Drawing lines, brilliant color joining actions,

that’s the actual fun of TWO DO TS! And now it’s his bigger twin DOTS!

DO TS & CO, is a brilliant mobile gaming ballot, that excites all its fan all over the globe, with its

marvelous new technical and art control. It is a similar game to TWO DO TS, consisting of a

board of variety of colored dots on it. The trick to play is to join two dots of same color, or to

make squares by combining the do ts of the same sole color!

Each level has created its own creative fellow that sits at the top of the board and

watched the player play. By omitting the unique pieces that are shaped more or less

like a triangle but still act like a normal dot helps u gain a score every time for our fellow

sitting up there! Each have their own skills that will turn our odds to your evens! . For

example, the penguin, Anita, eliminates all the do ts of one color at random.

The game is now available on both the iOS and Android.

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