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Facebook introduce Portal TV

Facebook have expressed there desires and have made them known to enter in to smart home market and they plan to do this with the introduction of the Portal TV, a new device which will supposedly allow users to have access to video calling, AR gaming, and content co-watching right from your television and the comfort of your phone and sofa. Moreover,this new device is a clip-on camera which comes with an addition of  microphones which allow consumers make videos calls on the apps on the payroll of Facebook such as, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.You will be able to use the biggest screen in the house to carry out the purpose of video calling. In addition to that users will also be able to stream videos from Amazon Prime Video, Facebook Watch, and other such platforms which allow users a wide array of movies and TV shows.

Furthermore, this is not where things end by any means, the highlight feature of the Portal TV is probably the fact that the new device takes in to account the social aspect as well. Moreover, Once you’re connected, you can watch shows together with friends or play augmented reality games. Facebook has also included easy ways to turn the camera and microphone off when not using the device to respect user privacy.

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Moreover to setup the device you will firstly need to connect the Portal to your TV via the HDMI port after which you will need to access your Facebook account by signing  in to your Facebook account after which you will be able to start video calling through Messenger or WhatsApp. Once you’re ready to make a call, just say “Hey Portal” and ask it to call a person in your contacts, which the Portal will gladly do for you. Furthermore, the Portal uses Facebook’s Smart Camera technology to pan and zoom in to people when they move around in the room, which is especially useful with children since they tend to dip in and out of the video chats a lot.

Portal TV could give Facebook an edge over competition as none of its rivals have produced such a device yet: a camera for your TV, seamlessly integrated with your friends and family circles.The device is has been made available for preorders right now and it is going for a price of only  $149 currently.

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