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HEC is Planning On Competency Based Education

In the course of the most recent year and a half, HEC has embraced broad interviews with more than 1,000 people in 143 colleges on measures expected to improve understudy achievement. The basis with 143 colleges and more than 1000 key partners has been finished. 

The interviews have prompted the patching up of the undergrad educational program and the presentation of “competency-based training” at all colleges and partnered schools across Pakistan. Abilities are characterized as mixes of information, aptitudes, conduct, and relational qualities that empower people to prevail in their future life. 

A few key gatherings were composed in 2019, including two national discoursed, five provincial interviews, and 10 topical workshops. These included 143 colleges from the nation over including AJK and GB, and over a thousand people, including Vice-Chancellors/Rectors, employees from colleges just as schools, school administrators, Secretaries, and different authorities of advanced education divisions, and heads and authorities of expert gatherings. 

Administrator HEC expressed that the motivation behind training is to empower understudies to prevail in their future life, in their occupations, yet additionally in their social, political, and individual undertakings. 

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Colleges need to work so as to expand the likelihood of such achievement, particularly through the college degree program, which is the leader of any advanced education framework. By and by, in any case, this has not been the situation. A significant explanation is that almost no consideration has been given in the past to this inquiry, and in this manner to the substance and nature of college training. 

He said that the new framework depends expressly on “capabilities”, i.e., the determinants of future understudy achievement, and is intended to guarantee that instructive projects arrange themselves to the future needs of understudies. This move will have durable positive effects on instructive accomplishment and future achievement. The new framework will be turned out over the coming year, he included. 

There are various and notable scrutinizes of undergrad training in Pakistan, particularly from managers and entrance advisory boards. The old educational plan doesn’t furnish Pakistani understudies with such basic 21st-century aptitudes as basic and imaginative reasoning, critical thinking, successful correspondence, quantitative investigation, group building, or exploration techniques. The new HEC educational plan is planned explicitly to empower the transmission of these abilities just as relational and conduct characteristics. All the more significantly, the new educational plan centers around applying the obtained information and aptitudes to life’s difficulties, as opposed to simply getting hypothetical information. It accentuates investigation, interest, revelation, and imagination among understudies. 

The scholarly segment of the educational program tries to adjust speculation and specialization. In prior semesters, each understudy must finish General Education (GE) courses in the significant spaces of human information, i.e., Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Quantitative Reasoning, and Expository Writing, notwithstanding Pakistan Studies and Islamic/Religious Studies. In ensuing semesters, the understudies will move towards required departmental courses in their territories of specialization (likewise called “Majors”). This sequencing is intended to furnish the understudies with adaptability in the decision of their region of specialization. Understudies will likewise have the adaptability to graduate either with a solitary Major or a twofold Major, or a Major in addition to a couple of Minors.

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