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Huawei Committed Advocate Promoter and Leader Cloudification

Huawei is a name of innovation and the synonym to make things possible. Recently, in Huawei’s 13th Global Analyst Summit in China, the technology tycoon came up with the idea of full cloudification through cloud computing, IoT, and operations transformations. This will if materialized the way Huawei presenting it to the world, revolutionize the technology world as well as the concept of whole technological operations. Previously in a 12th meeting of the Global Summit Huawei has already proposed the Real-time, On-demand, All-online, DIY, and Social (ROADS) experience model to reshape the future and taking user experience to the new level of climax.

Similarly this year, Huawei has been focusing on full cloudification strategies that actually bases in providing the best ROADS experience. Huawei argues that for the successful accomplishment of the concept into reality few things should be the main focus, like a complete reconstruction of the ICT infrastructure in terms of equipment, networks, services and the operations. This is indeed a revolutionizing idea, to change the whole world and connect it in an even better way. It wouldn’t be wrong if one coins that Huawei is committed to being the advocate, promoter and the leader of full cloudification at its best. Huawei believes that the idea can be materialized through creating a systematic strength in the pooled hardware resources, fully distributed software architecture, and full automation as the idea is already presented to the world.

A high official of Huawei describes the story in his words as, “Huawei will focus on ICT infrastructure and smart devices; invest over the long term; fully unleash the potential of connectivity, ultra-broadband, and data; and develop an agile architecture and open platforms to accelerate the digital transformation of our customers, including operators.

Huawei will continue to invest its energies and resources to connect the world in a better and more convenient way. The world where people experience a high quality of technological innovations and ideas becoming a reality. Huawei is after making it possible for the whole world through its commitment and passion.


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