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The importance of one online minute What happens in a single minute of internet?

The importance of one online minute What happens in a single minute of internet?

The importance of one online minute Everybody knows the importance of single penny. A student knows the value of one number. The passenger knows the value of the one minute that makes him late for flight.

Being an internet user, do you know the value of a single one minute? Have you ever wondered what happens in a single internet minute? No?  Then here you can see the real value of 60 seconds of online world.

This information will certainly blow your mind. When you will find out what happens in a minute of internet giants like Facebook, Google, twitter, YouTube, Amazon and LinkedIn.

  • Facebook makes 90,000 logins in a single minute
  • Google registers 3.5 million search queries in a single minute
  • You tubes get 4.1 million video views in a single minute
  • Google play and app store registers 342,000 thousand apps download thorough a single minute
  • Instagram uploads 46,200 posts in a single minute
  • Twitter goes through 452,000 tweets in a single minute
  • Tinder gets 990,000 swipes in a single minute
  • 156 millions are sent across the world in just 60 seconds
  • Amazon shipped 50 voice-first devices in a single minute
  • LinkedIn registers 120 new accounts in a single minute
  • Messenger sends 15,000 GIFs in a single minute
  • Snapchat sends 1.8 million Snaps. Yes, you hard right 1.8 million Snaps are created in just a single minute which is quite impressive.
  • People spend $751,522 online in just a single minute, which ultimately shows the rising trend of online shopping.
  • Netflix observes 70,017 hours watching in just a single minute.

Now, just consider if one of the above mentioned company down for a single minute. How much lose this company is going to bear? Obviously the answer is in millions.

On the other hand, you will amaze to know per minute earning of these companies

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