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Imran Khan's TikTok Debut: A Social Media Sensation

Imran Khan’s TikTok Debut: A Social Media Sensation

In just over 24 hours since joining TikTok, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has already amassed nearly 3 million followers and an astonishing 200 million views on the platform. These numbers are predicted to surge even further by the end of the day. Notably, his two videos have garnered almost 5 million likes (4.9 million at present), showcasing the tremendous impact of his TikTok debut. This article delves into Imran Khan’s decision to join TikTok and the underlying reasons for his overwhelming success on the platform.

The TikTok Journey Begins

In his first TikTok video, Imran Khan presented a montage of his public addresses, accompanied by a heartfelt caption explaining his motivation for joining TikTok. The video has already accumulated a staggering 139 million views, resonating with TikTok users nationwide.


Connecting with the Youth

Imran Khan’s decision to join TikTok stems from his desire to connect directly with the vibrant youth of Pakistan, even those from rural regions. He acknowledges the incredible talent showcased by the country’s young TikTok creators, which ultimately led him to embrace the platform.


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Spreading the Message

Through TikTok, Imran Khan aims to bridge the gap between the political sphere and the tech-savvy youth. By utilizing this platform, he can effectively convey his political message, inspiring young minds to actively engage in political discourse and national affairs.

A Warm Welcome and an Important Message

In his second video, Imran Khan expressed his gratitude to his newfound TikTok community for their warm welcome. Moreover, he seized the opportunity to emphasize the significance of voter registration ahead of the impending elections, scheduled for July 20.

Thanking the TikTok Community

Imran Khan extended his heartfelt thanks to all his TikTok followers for their warm reception. His message conveyed genuine appreciation for the overwhelming support he received within such a short period.

 Urging Voter Registration

Understanding the power of TikTok’s reach, Imran Khan urged viewers to get their votes registered before the closing date of July 20. He emphasized that the upcoming elections are pivotal for the nation, encouraging citizens to participate in shaping the country’s future.

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