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Intel Announces Winners of Innovation in Education Awards 2016

Intel announced the winners of this year’s Intel Innovation in Education Awards, recognizing the outstanding achievements of organizations and individuals working with programs within the Intel® Education Initiative in Pakistan over the last year.


Held since 2003, the Intel Innovation in Education Awards this year recognized the efforts of 13 individuals from 12 organizations in promoting innovation and research in science as well as the integration of technology in education, through programs that are part of the Intel Education Initiative, including Intel Teach and the Intel International Science and Education Fair (ISEF).

At the event, this year’s Intel ISEF finalists and alumni from Pakistan were also recognized for their remarkable achievements and continued passion for research in sciences.


The Intel Education Initiative is focused towards incorporating research based learning at an early age so that children can develop 21st century skills and compete effectively in the knowledge based economy of the future. An effective education transformation can help countries increase student competitiveness, build job skills and competencies, support economic development and provide social cohesion.


Through research and work with local governments, vendors, and communities, Intel supports countries to drive a systemic education transformation. Intel has invested over $1 billion dollars and close to 3 million employee volunteer hours to improve teaching and learning environments in 70+ countries over the last decade.


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