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Intermediate Student Dies During Board Examination Due to Loadshedding in Khairpur, Sindh

Intermediate Student Dies During Board Examination Due to Loadshedding in Khairpur, Sindh

In a shocking turn of events, an unfortunate incident occurred during the board examination at Government Degree College in the Thiri area of Khairpur, Sindh. The scorching heat coupled with suffocation caused by loadshedding led to the untimely death of an intermediate student. The incident has raised concerns regarding the adverse effects of loadshedding on students’ well-being during crucial exams.

The Impact of Loadshedding on Students

Reports reveal that hundreds of students had gathered at the examination center to appear for their 11th class board exams. Amid rising temperatures, loadshedding, resulting from a gap between demand and supply, has become a prevalent issue throughout the country. Unfortunately, the extreme heat and lack of proper ventilation in the examination hall proved to be fatal for Mehtab Ali, who fell unconscious while attempting his paper.

Immediate Response and Tragic Outcome

Prompt action was taken as soon as Mehtab Ali lost consciousness. He was swiftly rushed to the hospital, where doctors, despite their best efforts, declared him dead. This incident serves as a grim reminder of the risks students face when their environment lacks adequate facilities to combat extreme weather conditions.

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Appeals for Uninterrupted Power Supply during Examinations

Sindh Minister for University and Board Education, Ismail Rahoo, had previously appealed to the authorities to ensure uninterrupted power supply during examinations, particularly in the face of scorching weather. Such incidents highlight the urgent need for consistent power provision to educational institutions during crucial examination periods.

Sindh Government’s Response: Summer Vacation Announcement

In response to this unfortunate incident and considering the challenging weather conditions, the Sindh government has made a significant decision. It has announced that summer vacation at all educational institutions in the region will commence from June 1, 2023, and last until July 31, 2023. This measure aims to prioritize the safety and well-being of students during the hottest months of the year.

Conclusion: Urgent Measures Required to Ensure Students’ Safety

The tragic demise of Mehtab Ali during the board examination in Khairpur, Sindh, due to the combined effects of loadshedding, extreme heat, and suffocation, has brought attention to the critical issue of students’ safety. It is imperative for educational authorities and the government to take immediate action to address the challenges posed by loadshedding and provide suitable arrangements to protect students from the adverse effects of extreme weather conditions.

Efforts must be made to ensure uninterrupted power supply during examination periods, and steps should be taken to improve ventilation and cooling systems in educational institutions. Students should feel safe and comfortable while pursuing their academic aspirations. Let us learn from this unfortunate incident and work collectively to create an environment where students’ well-being is paramount, and their potential can flourish without jeopardizing their lives.

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