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Kuwait Declared the Worst Country for Expats

Kuwait Declared the Worst Country for Expats

Kuwait has recently been declared the “worst country for expats” according to the latest report by InterNations’ 2023 Expat Insider. Out of 53 destinations, Kuwait emerged as the least desirable place for expats to live and work. This ranking is based on various aspects such as quality of life, ease of settling in, working abroad, personal finance, and expat essentials. Unfortunately, Kuwait’s poor performance in these areas aligns with its long-standing trend of disappointing results. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind Kuwait’s dismal ranking and explore the experiences of expats in the country.

Quality of Life Concerns

The report reveals that Kuwait ranks at the bottom globally in terms of quality of life for expats. One of the major concerns raised by expats is the limited leisure options available to them. This lack of recreational activities contributes to a sense of dissatisfaction among the expat community. Furthermore, a significant number of expats surveyed expressed their inability to freely express themselves and share their opinions, which is more than triple the global average. This restriction on freedom of expression further adds to the unfavorable living conditions experienced by expats in Kuwait.


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Healthcare System Challenges

Kuwait’s healthcare system requires significant improvements in terms of availability, affordability, and quality. Expats face difficulties accessing healthcare services, which affects their overall well-being and quality of life. The report also highlights low rankings in categories such as local friendliness, finding friends, culture, and welcome, all of which contribute to Kuwait’s position at the bottom of the ease of settling-in index. These challenges make it difficult for expats to integrate into the local community and establish meaningful connections.

Work Culture and Personal Finance

In terms of working abroad, Kuwait ranks 48th among the destinations surveyed. Many expats expressed discontent with their salaries and the inflexible local work culture. The combination of inadequate compensation and a rigid work environment makes it challenging for expats to thrive professionally in Kuwait. Additionally, when it comes to expat essentials and personal finance, Kuwait performs poorly. Only 34 percent of expats reported being satisfied with the overall cost of living, indicating financial difficulties faced by expats residing in the country.

Positive Aspects and Adaptation

Despite the numerous challenges faced by expats in Kuwait, there are a few positive aspects worth noting. Expats generally find it relatively easy to secure housing and adapt to daily life without needing to speak the local language. The availability of housing options and the ability to navigate daily routines contribute to some level of comfort for expats. However, these positive aspects alone are not enough to offset the overall dissatisfaction and hardships experienced by expats in Kuwait.

The InterNations’ 2023 Expat Insider report paints a grim picture for expats in Kuwait, solidifying its position as the worst country for expats. Kuwait’s consistently poor ranking in various categories such as quality of life, working abroad, and personal finance reflects the challenging environment faced by expats residing in the country. While there are a few positive aspects, they are overshadowed by the collective dissatisfaction expressed by expats. Addressing the issues highlighted in the report, including the need for improvements in healthcare, work culture, and overall living conditions, is crucial for Kuwait to become a more desirable destination for expats.

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