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P@SHA Releases Its 6th Annual IT Salary Survey 2016

Pakistan Software Houses for IT and ITES (P@SHA) conducts its 6th annual IT Salary Survey 2016 in which it carries out a survey about the average salaries of IT employees nationally along with their average benefits, bonuses, and promotions. The study includes IT professionals from 28 different job roles.

Almost 150 companies participated in the survey this time and data from 32,744 employees have been collected who are working in 28 different job roles and 98 unique levels belonging to IT and business.

According to the reports, there has been an increase of 13.04% in the increments in salaries across all the job roles as compared to the last year. Furthermore,

  • The highest paid IT or business professional currently is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who earns Rs.484, 520 on an average.
  • The Senior Web Developers have got the highest increase in pay this year with a growth of 37.06%
  • The Game Designers also saw an increase in increments of more than 33% as compared to 2015.

The IT and ITES industry of Pakistan is the source of direct employment to more than 120,000 people around the country, and they heavily rely on this human resource to maintain its growth. Companies nowadays take measures to retain their best employees and provide fair compensation and promotions to the deserving employees.

The technology sector in Pakistan is rapidly evolving and making advancements resulting in an increase in demand for the IT professionals in the country. It makes the annual IT salary survey very crucial for companies who want to hire the best talent.

61% companies and 52% employees from Karachi, 30% companies and 26% employees from Lahore, 22% companies and 21% employees participated from Islamabad in this survey. Two companies from Peshawar also participated this year.



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