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Punjab Land Record now computerized by LRMIS

Punjab government has reportedly finalized contours of the land record authority which it is now introducing to modernize the system of land data and to improve the related service delivery.

The authority is being created under a law which was reportedly being introduced initially through an ordinance. Its principal office will be in Lahore. Its functions include formulation of strategy, policies and plans for the management of land records, provision of efficient services to people, developing a human resource management system, advising the government on improving and modernizing land record management, managing technical cooperation and coordination with other government departments, including foreign organizations and international inter-governmental organizations.

Record of more than 55 million Land owners has been preserved. 144 Land Record Centers are being established which will provide service without any deadlock. Land record of more than 23 thousand villages has been computerized.

Punjab Land Record now computerized by LRMIS
Punjab Land Record now computerized by LRMIS

Central Record Center has been inaugurated. Ownership documents can now be obtained from any Land Record center all over the Punjab. With the estimated budget of 800 million Punjab’s largest and latest data computing center is now functional. The issues of illegal changes in record and corruptions are now resolved. Data can be easily accessible for welfare schemes.

The authority will be headed by the Board of Revenue senior member, having all divisional commissioners as members. The government will also nominate another five members. After ruler Land record computerization the institution takes a step ahead towards urban areas.

Land record services are compatible with modern requirements. Electronic maps of lands are being designed. Registries are now computerized.

All persons employed in the project and at the service centers shall be deemed as authority employees on the terms and conditions contained in their contracts. They will be adjusted against positions created in the authority in the prescribed manner. Land record assistant directors and officers working in the Directorate of Land Records, Punjab, shall also stand transferred to the authority on the same terms and conditions as mentioned in their contracts.

The higher level objective of the Project is to improve the land records service delivery in the Province of Punjab, contributing to long-lasting tenure security. The Project vision is to establish efficient, accountable, equitable and secure Land Records Management & Information Systems.

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