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Qualcomm's new chip brings ultra-wide screens to mid-range

Qualcomm’s new chip brings ultra-wide screens to mid-range phones Ultra-wide screens for mid-range phones by Qualcomm

In this era, Ultra-wide screens are hot stuff on smartphones; but to get them you tend to either go for the high end or make do with budget models. Analyzing this problem Qualcomm’s new chip brings ultra-wide screens to mid-range phones.

This is great news for mid range target market as now they would be able to get a reasonably speedy, dramatic-looking phone without making their

Qualcomm is launching the Snapdragon 636 processor, which is an upgrade to the mid-tier 630 whose attraction is support for extra-tall FHD+ resolution (approximately 2,160 x 1,080) screens.

It features firm Display too, so you can look ahead to better visibility in less-than-ideal lighting. Isn’t amazing?

Logically, there’s some value addition under the cover to back this up. The Adreno 509 graphics are just about 10 percent quicker when you stack them up next to the 630, but the Kryo 260 CPU is almost 40% faster.

 We all know that the 630 was still brand new half a year ago, with this fact don’t anticipate a complete revolution as you’re still getting the well-known 600Mbps LTE support, and the Spectra 160 image signal processor delivers the same photo-taking quality.

This is eventually a speed smack; it’s just one that will have an incredibly noticeable effect on mid-range Android phone designs. This step by Qualcomm would be certainly appreciated by mid rang target market.

There is no clue about the customers of Qualcomm in future; but in November it’s shipping the 636 to phone makers.

It would be great value addition for those companies that were originally intended for the 630 or 660 as they can use it on boards.

 If your favorite brand needs to create an ultra-wide phone at a reasonable price, it can reclaim the guts from an existing design and put the latest and new device in your hands that much faster.

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