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Shocking Audio Leak Reveals PTI Women Leaders’ Alleged Involvement in May 9 Attacks

In a development that has sent shockwaves through the political landscape, a purported audio clip featuring women leaders of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has surfaced online. The leaked audio appears to capture a discussion revolving around a planned attack on GHQ, the headquarters of the Pakistan Army.

The audio leak comes at a time when the crackdown on PTI leaders and workers continues unabated following the violent protests that erupted on May 9. These protests erupted in response to the arrest of Imran Khan in a corruption case.

During the tumultuous demonstrations, enraged PTI supporters went so far as to attack military installations, including the corps commander’s house in Lahore and the gate of GHQ in Rawalpindi.

Within the leaked audio, a voice believed to be that of former PTI MPA Farah Agha can be heard discussing the prospect of storming GHQ. She is heard informing a PTI worker named Sabreena that they are now approaching GHQ.

“I have already headed to the location, and Mam Kanwal (Ex-MNA Kanwal Shozab) is on her way as well. Mam Kanwal has given clear instructions to proceed to GHQ,” Ms. Agha’s voice states in the leaked audio.

Throughout the clip, Ms. Agha allegedly informs the PTI worker about the suspension of internet services. She also mentions the intense shelling near Liaquat Bagh and reveals that the roads leading to Saddar are closed.

This shocking audio leak raises serious concerns about the alleged involvement of PTI women leaders in the May 9 attacks. If verified, it would indicate a disturbing level of coordination and planning within the party ranks.

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The emergence of this audio leak has ignited a firestorm of controversy and speculation across the nation. It not only adds fuel to the ongoing crackdown on PTI leaders and workers but also casts a dark shadow over the party’s reputation.

The Pakistani public, along with the authorities, demands a thorough investigation into the authenticity of the audio clip and the potential implications it carries. If proven true, the consequences could be far-reaching, not only for the individuals involved but also for the PTI as a whole.

The audio leak presents a critical challenge for the PTI’s leadership, requiring them to address these allegations head-on and restore faith in their party’s integrity. It is imperative that they take swift and decisive action to investigate and address the concerns raised by this shocking revelation.

In the days and weeks to come, the nation will be watching closely as the PTI grapples with the fallout from this audio leak. The consequences of these alleged revelations could shape the future political landscape of Pakistan, leaving an indelible impact on the party and the nation as a whole.

Only time will tell how this scandal unfolds and whether the truth behind the May 9 attacks will be brought to light, providing closure and justice to the Pakistani people who deserve nothing less.

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