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Smart power backup for 4G and 5G city sites in the world

Smart power backup for 4G and 5G city sites in the world

Smart power backup for 4G and 5G city sites in the world


With a growing number of people and devices in the world, the bar is set higher than ever for telecom companies to satisfy their customers. Our increasing use of Internet via mobile devices is driving the need for a dramatic capacity increase with 4G and 5G radio base stations. Small city sites will be on every block. Connected devices, as part of Internet of Things, are demanding constant availability. Operators are facing challenges with visual pollution, network availability, and maintenance, so smart power backup is crucial.

That’s why INCELL created the SLP™ – Smart Lithium Power. It´s just to plug in, power up, walk away and almost forget about it.


·       Integration – power, lithium battery, remote management and distribution in a box and it is always smart

·       Availability – time-based load disconnect that makes higher network availability affordable

·       Lithium batteries – light weight (1/4th  compared with VRLA), integrated battery protection, remaining discharge capacity (SOC) and remaining battery life (SOH)

·       Install anywhere – on a pole, on a wall, on a tower, etc

·       Remote communication – integrated GPRS/3G and TCP/IP communication

·       Flexibility – multiple power ranges and reserve times as well as AC and DC inputs and outputs

·       Performance – with Always Connected™ Operators get full control of your network of power back-up

·      Cost control – with Battery-as-a-Service™ Operators get full control of power back-up costs 

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