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UAE Introduces Simplified Process for Extending Visit Visas, Making Stay Extension Easier for Relatives and Friends

The UAE government has recently implemented a new and simplified procedure for extending visit visas, streamlining the process and facilitating longer stays in the country for relatives or friends of residents. The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security (ICP) now allows visa holders to extend their visits by an additional 30 days with a straightforward method. Visitors can achieve this by simply paying a fee of AED 750 through the user-friendly smart app UAEICP.

To apply for the visa extension, it is essential for visitors to be physically present in the UAE and possess a passport with at least six months of validity. The necessary documents for the extension include the original entry permit and a colored personal photo that meets the specified standards. During the application process, it is mandatory to provide accurate and complete information and submit all required documents.

It is crucial to note that any incomplete or missing information during the application process will lead to electronic rejection after 30 days. Moreover, if an application is rejected three times consecutively, it will be permanently dismissed. In the event of rejection, refunds for the application fees and any financial guarantees provided will only cover the issuance fees.


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The refund process typically takes up to six months from the date of application and can be completed through credit card payments. UAE-based banks also offer the option of refunds via cheque or bank transfer, ensuring flexibility for applicants, with refunds available for up to five years.

The ICP has made significant efforts to simplify the process of extending visit visas for relatives or friends through its user-friendly mobile app. These efforts aim to enhance user experience and provide a seamless process for those seeking extended stays in the UAE.

When issuing visit visas for relatives or friends, certain conditions must be met, including providing evidence of the relationship and stating the reasons for the visit. For example, if a foreign wife intends to visit her GCC-citizen husband, she must hold a valid residence permit in her husband’s country, as per the requirements.

Overall, the UAE’s new and simplified process for extending visit visas is a welcome change that offers convenience and ease to individuals seeking longer stays in the country to spend time with their loved ones. By leveraging technology and streamlining procedures, the UAE government aims to enhance the overall visitor experience and strengthen family and friendship bonds within the country.


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