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Social Enterprises Together with Ufone Work To Spread Generosity

Ufone spreads Eid happiness across Pakistan

Following the philosophy of “It’s All About
U”, Ufone took the initiative of enhancing the impact of the social
work being done by three innovative projects across Pakistan. Each of
the projects was specifically selected based on its potential to
improve lives of Pakistanis in innovative ways. Ufone’s aim was to
project these enterprises as role models in order to inspire similar
ventures as well as invite participation for the projects through new
ideas, efforts and financial support.

Ufone’s campaign in Ramadan facilitated the chosen ventures to further
their ideas through television, web, social media and billboards. In
this way, the projects were able to reach out to a much larger
audience and convey their vision to hundreds of people.

One such project is Khana Ghar by Parveen Bibi, the initiative aimed
to meet the food requirements of the underprivileged class residing in
Khuda ki Basti near Surjani Town. It offered an entire meal just for
Rs 3, which up till now had been run through the support of
philanthropists and donations of common people throughout the year.

“The number of donors and donations witnessed a handsome growth in the
month of Ramadan this year as my message was effectively sent across
to philanthropists and donors through Ufone’s advertising campaign,”
Parveen said. “The value of donations increased by a massive 55% and
was mainly contributed by overseas Pakistanis residing in USA, UK,
Australia and Canada, and will be sufficient to subsidize meals for
thousands of deserving people throughout the coming year. Besides
this, the amount is going to be used in setting up two more points in
different areas.”

‘Operation Eid Child’ was the second project, initiated by Sharmine
and Rabia Aziz along with five other women, in seven cities of the
country. This aimed at providing basic clothing and footwear to
children at orphanages, minor Thalassemia patients, and physically
challenged kids in different learning and rehabilitation institutes.

“We had started this project in March targeting Eid-ul Fitr as our
first occasion in which we distributed 7,500 boxes in 16 places in
different cities,” said Rabia Aziz, a housewife and a social worker
based in Karachi. “The project saw huge support from donors mainly
from various professions in the corporate sector due to advertisement
on social media and billboards run by Ufone. We are still receiving
gifts boxes, which will be distributed among kids on Eidul Azha.”

Dewar-e-Meharbani (The wall of kindness) was the third project, run by
two young boys in Peshawar, Omar and Daniyal, and replicated in
different areas in Karachi and Lahore among other cities. It witnessed
an overwhelming response.

“We received hundreds of dresses for kids and adults including funds
and food items that were utilized for Iftar at a designated place in
22 days of Ramadan,” Daniyal said. “Setting up a place or wall is
easier than maintaining a system which provides donations to deserving
people, though the advertisement campaign of Ufone supported our cause
through various means.”

Besides generous contributions to promote such campaigns, Ufone
provided free airtime to social workers for these projects to contact
donors in Pakistan and different countries without a major expense.

The goal of this CSR campaign was to encourage and facilitate the
younger generation and educated section of the society to take
initiatives to help and support others through their creativity,
efforts and expertise – not just money – and it has proven to be

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