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Father and Son Arrested for Setting Rangers Picket on Fire during PTI Protests on May 9

Father and Son Arrested for Setting Rangers Picket on Fire during PTI Protests on May 9

The aftermath of PTI May 9 protests in Karachi saw the arrest of a father-son duo by the Karachi police. The two were taken into custody for their involvement in setting a Rangers picket on fire during the protests, which were sparked by the arrest of PTI chief Imran Khan. The incident resulted in the ransacking of state-owned and private properties, including the attack on police and military facilities, by fervent loyalists of the political party.

Detention of Abdul Hameed and Huzaifa

The Karachi East police recently arrested Abdul Hameed and his son Huzaifa from Gulistan-e-Jauhar block 13 on a tip-off for damaging properties during the May 9 protests. They were specifically detained for setting a Ranger’s picket on fire in the port city.

Video Evidence and Confession

The police have shared a video statement of Abdul Hameed, who confessed to the crime of setting the picket on fire. He also blamed the leadership of the former ruling party for his actions. In the video, Hameed admitted that his son, Huzaifa, filmed the viral clip of the burning picket and later shared it on social media.

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Remorseful Confession

In his video, which he shared from police custody, Abdul Hameed expressed remorse for his actions of damaging public property and attacking military installations. This confession comes after the Pakistani Prime Minister, Shehbaz Sharif, issued stern directives to law enforcement officials to crack down on PTI supporters. Reports suggest that over 3,000 PTI supporters were arrested for terrorism charges related to damaging public property and attacking military installations.

Final Words.

The arrest of the father-son duo highlights the government’s efforts to hold accountable those involved in the ransacking of public and private properties during political protests. It also emphasizes the importance of peaceful protest and the consequences of violent actions. It is essential to maintain law and order and protect public and private property, even during political turmoil.

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