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Neta GT's First OTA Upgrade: Optimizing User Experience

Neta GT’s First OTA Upgrade: Optimizing User Experience

The Neta GT electric vehicle has just released its highly anticipated over-the-air (OTA) upgrade, providing users with an enhanced driving experience. This upgrade is a result of valuable user feedback, addressing their needs and preferences. With the introduction of new features and optimization of existing ones, Neta GT continues to solidify its position as a leading electric vehicle manufacturer. In this article, we will delve into the details of this OTA upgrade, highlighting the seven optimized items based on user feedback, as well as the additional 54 items that have been added and optimized.

Intelligent Charging Guidelines for Multiple Scenarios

With the OTA upgrade, Neta GT has introduced intelligent charging guidelines for multiple scenarios. This feature takes into account the condition of the electric stakes, the vehicle’s range, and the navigational distance to provide users with charging reminders. It intelligently prompts users to plan their charging based on the remaining battery level and destination planning. For example, in a commuting scenario, if the power is not enough to reach work the next day, the system will remind the user to charge at a private charging pile. Alternatively, it can intelligently search and suggest nearby charging piles and provide navigation instructions for planning the charging arrangement in advance.

Free Switching of Voice Tones

Neta GT understands the importance of personalization and has expanded its voice tone options. In addition to the original nine tones, users now have three new regional tones to choose from: Hong Kong female voice, Guangxi Mandarin, and Shanghai dialect. This allows users to customize their driving experience and interact with the vehicle in a way that resonates with their cultural and regional preferences.


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Intelligent Voice Navigation

The Neta GT OTA upgrade brings an intelligent voice navigation feature that enhances the convenience of the driving experience. Users can now initiate a navigation command by manually selecting a location or simply by saying “I want to go home/work” to Neta. The system will quickly plan a route based on the user’s preference, providing a default recommendation for the first route. This intuitive feature streamlines the navigation process and ensures a smoother journey.

Precise and Intelligent Voice Recognition

To improve user control and interaction, Neta GT has implemented precise and intelligent voice recognition. Users can now give voice commands with accuracy, allowing for more seamless control over various vehicle functions. This enhancement ensures that users can easily and effortlessly operate the vehicle using voice commands, making the driving experience more intuitive and user-friendly.

ACC Full Speed Adaptive Cruise Control

Safety and convenience are paramount in the Neta GT OTA upgrade, and the introduction of ACC Full Speed Adaptive Cruise Control reflects that commitment. Whether driving on the highway or urban roads, users can activate the Intelligent Driver Assistance System. The system automatically adjusts the distance according to the user’s preferred following distance setting. When the car in front comes to a stop, the Neta GT automatically follows the stop and resumes driving within 180 seconds. In the absence of a leading car, the vehicle cruises at the set speed, providing a stress-free driving experience.

Vehicle Screen Enhancements

The OTA upgrade also brings exciting improvements to the Neta GT’s vehicle screen. Users can now long-press the icon at the bottom of the application bar to enter the editing mode, allowing for a more personalized experience. The multi-dimensional icon refreshes, transitioning from realistic to translucent, simulating the real-world lustre and material. Furthermore, shortcut car control cards have been added, offering easy access to frequently used car controls directly from the homepage.

Vehicle Location Features

Neta GT’s OTA upgrade introduces comprehensive vehicle location features through the Neta App. Users can now search for the vehicle’s location using a 360° panoramic photo generated by the system. This provides users with a convenient way to locate their vehicle and ensures peace of mind. The system also automatically generates a route based on the vehicle’s location, further enhancing the navigation experience.

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