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The Aspark Owl: Setting Electric Vehicle Speed Records and Defining Hypercar Performance

The Aspark Owl: Setting Electric Vehicle Speed Records and Defining Hypercar Performance

The Aspark Owl, a renowned Japanese electric hypercar, has recently made headlines by shattering electric vehicle (EV) speed records. During a thrilling run at Alvington Airfield in northern England, the Aspark Owl achieved an impressive speed of just under 321 km/h, solidifying its position as a top performer in the automotive industry. This article explores the remarkable features of the Aspark Owl and its outstanding performance capabilities.

Setting Electric Vehicle Speed Records

The Aspark Owl’s groundbreaking performance at Alvington Airfield has etched its name in the record books. This cutting-edge EV managed to establish two Guinness World Records for its remarkable average speeds. In the eighth mile, the Aspark Owl maintained an average speed of 309.02 km/h, while over the quarter mile, it achieved an impressive average speed of 318.85 km/h.

Unmatched Power and Acceleration

At the core of the Aspark Owl lies its awe-inspiring powertrain. Equipped with quad-motors, this hypercar generates a staggering 1,980 horsepower and an astonishing 2000 Newton meters of torque. Such immense power propels the Aspark Owl from 0 to 100 km/h in a mind-blowing 1.72 seconds, surpassing the acceleration capabilities of notable contenders like the Tesla Model S Plaid and Rimac Nevera.

Impressive Range and Fast Charging

While the Aspark Owl is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in terms of speed and acceleration, it also demonstrates remarkable range and charging capabilities. With its fully-charged 64 kWh battery pack, the Owl can cover a distance of 402 kilometers, making it suitable for extended journeys. Furthermore, recharging the battery is a breeze, as the Aspark Owl can utilize a DC fast charger to replenish its energy in just 40 minutes.

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The Journey from Concept to Reality

The development of the Aspark Owl began back in 2015, as reported by Reuters. The dedicated team at Aspark, based in Osaka, worked tirelessly to transform their vision into a tangible reality. With over 3,500 employees and 25 global offices, the company spared no effort in creating a truly remarkable hypercar. Limited to only 50 units, each Aspark Owl carries a hefty price tag of nearly Rs. 90 crore, a testament to its exclusivity and exceptional engineering.

Defining Hypercar Performance

Although the Aspark Owl has set a record for the fastest average speed over the quarter mile, it is important to note that the Rimac Nevera currently holds the title for the fastest production EV in this category. The Nevera showcases its dominance by completing the quarter mile in a remarkable 8.582 seconds. Furthermore, the Rimac Nevera boasts an unparalleled top speed of 415 km/h, solidifying its position as the pinnacle of EV performance.


In the realm of electric hypercars, the Aspark Owl has left an indelible mark through its extraordinary speed and unparalleled acceleration. With its impressive range and fast charging capabilities, this Japanese powerhouse exemplifies the possibilities of cutting-edge EV technology. As the automotive industry continues to push the boundaries of innovation, the Aspark Owl stands as a testament to human ingenuity and engineering excellence.

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