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Pakistani Online Shopping to Experience Huge Boost in 2016

Pakistani Online Shopping to Experience Huge Boost in 2016

Pakistani Online Shopping to Experience Huge Boost in 2016

There is no denying the fact that there is massive growth potential in the ecommerce industry in Pakistan. This is apparent from the rising number of online marketplaces in the country. The progress the ecommerce industry has shown in 2015 is the start of something big. The ecommerce industry in Pakistan is now worth a whopping $22 million.

Factors affecting the growth of ecommerce industry:

There are many factors which can be attributed to this phenomenal rise in the ecommerce industry. First of all, the number of internet subscribers has risen by several folds. The broadband subscriber number has gone up significantly. Add to it the increasing number of mobile subscribers. The introduction of 3G and 4G/LTE technology has played a massive role in the increased number of online shopping players. Majority of the people now own a smartphone and the access to the blazing fast internet on the fingertips of the masses has played a massive role in the rise of eCommerce industry.


Online marketplaces are giving the traditional brick and mortar stores a serious run for their money. Without the doubt, the services and personalized feeling one gets inside a brick and mortar store can never be offered by online stores but the chance of viewing everything from different brands in one place is something brick and mortar stores can’t offer.

Multinationals and large corporations have also realized the massive potential of the industry. This is why you see increased activity on digital media and related forums. We all know of the tremendous Shan ad which went viral in 2015 all over Facebook. All leading brands, restaurants, and marketing agencies are using social media platforms to interact with customers. Some have even started offering discounts on online shopping to encourage people to buy online.

Why 2016 will be the best year for ecommerce industry in Pakistan

Ecommerce industry reached new heights in 2015. The role of online marketplaces like Kaymu and Daraz cannot be underestimated. By giving customers a trustworthy platform to shop online, these marketplaces have improved the overall shopping experience for Pakistanis. The initial phases of online shopping were always marred by trust issues, but thankfully we have moved past that stage.

Online marketplaces offered huge discounts on Eid, Black Friday and New Years’ Eve. These discounts were met with a great positive response from the people as well. Record sales were made and unprecedented targets were achieved. The people have started considering online shopping as a serious alternative. The increasing number of internet subscribers and the ease of use offered by online shopping is going to give brick and mortar stores a serious run for their money.

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