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Why Social Media Apps are Still Not Working Despite Internet Restoration in Pakistan

Why Social Media Apps are Still Not Working Despite Internet Restoration in Pakistan

Pakistan recently faced a nationwide internet shutdown, which resulted in the suspension of social media apps such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Although the government has announced the restoration of mobile broadband services, users are still experiencing difficulty in accessing these platforms. This situation has led to unrest and economic losses, as businesses and digital content creators depend on social media for their livelihoods.

The telecom authority spokesperson revealed to local media that they have not received any directives from the government regarding the restoration of social media apps. This lack of communication from the government has left the public wondering when they will be able to connect with each other on these platforms again.

The ongoing ban on social media apps has led to frustration among social media users, particularly content creators, bloggers, and IT experts. They argue that the ban has stifled free speech and negatively impacted the country’s digital economy.

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The recent nationwide internet shutdown occurred amid violent clashes and widespread protests following the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) announced the suspension of mobile broadband and internet services across the country on the instructions of the interior ministry. This move left people feeling anxious and uncertain about their ability to communicate with their loved ones and conduct their daily business activities.

Reports suggest that the telecom operators in Pakistan incurred a loss of nearly Rs2.5 billion in revenue due to the internet shutdown. This figure represents only one sector’s losses, and the overall economic loss is estimated to be over Rs10 billion. Such significant losses are detrimental to the already struggling economy of Pakistan, which is facing various crises.

In conclusion, the continued ban on social media apps has created uncertainty and unrest in Pakistan. The lack of communication from the government regarding the restoration of these apps has only added to the frustration of the public. The economic losses incurred by various sectors highlight the importance of social media for businesses and content creators. It is essential for the government to take swift action and restore social media apps to prevent further losses and create a more stable environment for the digital economy to flourish.

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